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Did you know that the soil beneath your feet underpins the health of the planet? That’s because healthy soil is teeming with life. 

There are more organisms in a teaspoon of good soil than there are people on Earth! Each of these organisms, including earthworms, bacteria and fungi, makes a special contribution in building a healthy, resilient community that is pest- and disease-resistant, soaks up water like a sponge, and provides nutrients to growing plants.

Beneficial microbes can be used in three ways in your garden:

  • Spray them on plants and soil to boost soil fertility and strengthen plant growth
  • Add them to your compost to accelerate composting and increase microbial diversity in soil
  • Pour them into your pond to reduce algae, sediment and decomposition

By using microbes, you can:

  • Maintain soil fertility: healthy gardens rely on soil health.
  • Deliver essential minerals into the soil, preparing it for planting.
  • Encourage root formation.
  • Improve the physical and biological condition of soil to promote healthy plants.
  • Improve the natural breakdown of organic materials.
  • Help increase oxygen and reduce smells so there is less need to turn compost.

And the best part? Our natural gardening products are safe to use near children and pets.


Overuse of antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals designed to kill harmful microorganisms, or microbes (single cell organisms) has tipped our environment out of balance. All products are 100% natural and chemical free.

Soil Conditioner

Restores depleted soil in autumn and preparing the soil for planting in spring. It encourages root formation and improves the physical & biological condition of soil.

Pond Balance

Designed to deliver billions of beneficial microbes into your pond to help create a balanced habitat for happy plants, and animals.

Compost Activator

Aims to accelerate and improve the natural breakdown of organic materials, which helps to increase oxygen and reduce odour, so there is less need to turn compost.

Fermenting Organic Kitchen Waste

Bokashi is a dried fermented wheat bran that naturally promotes fermentation of all food waste, cooked or uncooked, and creates a rich compost for your garden.

Plant Boost

Designed to stimulate plant growth naturally by delivering beneficial microbes (effective microorganisms) along with essential nutrients and minerals

Probiotic Garden Toolkit

 This pack includes all five products. Thy work together to accelerate the fermentation of compost, boost soil and plant health, and keep bugs away.

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